Hi, I'm Carlin Comm :)

In January 2012 I put money down on a used 2003 KLR-650, and by April 2012 I had paid it off. The day after a blizzard in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Just my luck, right? I spent the next few months getting ready for exploring the world.

Then in August 2012, I got rid of most of my stuff, and took off to explore the world on my motorcycle!

As of end of September, 2012, I've gone over 6000 miles / 10,000 KMs, in only about a month. Not too bad, really. In that time, I've worn out a rear tire, a set of chain / sprockets, but had no real serious problems. Life is good!

New Update, After spending the winter in Belize, with no motorcycle, I'm on the move again. As of end of February, 2013, I'm no longer on Belize. After about 135 days, it was time to move on. So I jumped on a bus through Mexico, and then spent a few days recovering in San Diego :-)

Another Update! As of April 2013 - I'm now in Austin, Texas. I rode from Wenatchee, WA, through Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and finally into Texas. I got to see Zion National Park, and also the Grand Canyon. I'll be in Austin for a while, I've been hired by HostGator, and I just signed a lease on an apartment. The last year of traveling has pretty much exhausted my resources, financially, emotionally, and physically! I've only been here a week, but so far I like Austin. I've logged about 19,000 KMs / 12,000 miles since leaving Alberta last August, and have put on about 25,000 KMs / 16,000 miles since I bought the bike 12 months ago. I'd say I'm getting my money's worth! Stay Tuned!

As of 23 June 2013, I have sold the motorcycle. Don't worry, I'm not settling down yet, just taking a little break to reevaluate things, recharge, and then... :)

As of 28 February, 2015, I FINALLY got another KLR-650! Wow, who would have thought it would take almost 2 years to buy another one! I'll be filling in the details shortly, stand by!

First Day for the 2nd KLR-650!

GreenDragon is what I decided to call my motorcycle, cause its Green. And this is the year of the Dragon.

And RTW is for Round The World. Its a big world, so it might take me a while!

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Thanks for visiting! If you see me be sure to wave!!